Welcome to the conscious hour.

The certainty that the beauty of the candlelight and the sunset will diminish eventually forces me to cherish it at the moment, and I want to bring my readers to the present moment, to the deep meaning of a single flicker.

Latest from the Blog

Ocean of Tears

In the body’s last attempt to breathe it gasps a quick few times out of instinct a revolting breath lung submerged underwater, breathed the sweet life at the bottom of a seabed of blood fed the oxygen to a boiling pot of anger and laughed out of bubbles levitating and fleeing me escaping from the…

Amusement Park

Bad memories are easier to remember our happiness kept in a cage of forgetfulness the deadly deficit the treasure is in the darkness follow the sound of children laughing And adults chattering in a simple field with grass uncut let free the butterflies in my stomach before it explodes. But the night faded the entrance…

The Horrifying Journey to Waking Up

Why do I feel so out of control with everything? When reality fails my expectations, I have to learn to be accommodating and flexible, but I get easily frustrated and mad. I’m constantly struggling between my inflated ego and pitiless self-sabotage and self-doubt. Sometimes, I think that I don’t deserve it when things work out,…

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