Welcome to the conscious hour.

The certainty that the beauty of the candlelight and the sunset will diminish eventually forces me to cherish it at the moment, and I want to bring my readers to the present moment, to the deep meaning of a single flicker.

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The Smell of Victory (a poem)

Today I won against the lukewarm wetness evaporated by an invisible sun. My face, comfortably dry and capable of standing on its own out in the open and not hiding under the blankets; the arid smell of too good to be true.

The Nice Things (a poem)

none of this belongs to me i walked amongst the nice things; the pure blue sky and the creamy sunshine, the eloquent shadows stretching on the road relaxing with the glowing green leaves. but I saw my smile in the emerald sparkles deep in the bush and the red shyness of the new born leaves. … Continue reading The Nice Things (a poem)

A Self Care To-Do List

If the only way for you to be happy is getting into your dream school, you will never make it: because the reward that you are dreaming of won’t survive the distance of time. In the final month of college apps and semester exams, I know that all the high school seniors need to be … Continue reading A Self Care To-Do List

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