Welcome to my conscious hour.

The certainty that the beauty of the candlelight and the sunset will diminish eventually forces me to cherish it at the moment, and I want to bring my readers to the present moment, to the deep meaning of a single flicker.

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The Wave

the roaring sea lost in the turbulence of the wave what a scary sight from the trough of the tsunami imminent collapse destruction or salvation in arrival to the peace on the other side

The Hole

how small the sky looks through the opening the light and freedom so intangible from the darkness deep bellow people stop by to stare to comment how bad it must be and the voices fades as the pit gets deeper and darker and so alone it takes one person a single compassionate soul one willing … Continue reading The Hole

Being Lost in the Moment

It’s the throbbing in my chest when I sprint out of my room to catch that last glimpse of the crimson sunset and later capturing such feelings in the muse of aimless freedom in my writing. The poetry captures my spontaneity, as a sudden beautiful flickering of the candlelight can launch me into composing a … Continue reading Being Lost in the Moment

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