Welcome to the conscious hour.

The certainty that the beauty of the candlelight and the sunset will diminish eventually forces me to cherish it at the moment, and I want to bring my readers to the present moment, to the deep meaning of a single flicker.

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The Horrifying Journey to Waking Up

Why do I feel so out of control with everything? When reality fails my expectations, I have to learn to be accommodating and flexible, but I get easily frustrated and mad. I’m constantly struggling between my inflated ego and pitiless self-sabotage and self-doubt. Sometimes, I think that I don’t deserve it when things work out, … Continue reading The Horrifying Journey to Waking Up

Choose Yourself (a poem)

I’m choosing myself, to step away from the responsibilities and be selfish. I’ve done this too many times too scared to look at freedom and dove back into the dark cage. I’m tired, but more duties to fulfill sure will force me to do things I can only succeed and not fail. I can’t believe … Continue reading Choose Yourself (a poem)

Getting to a Better Place

I went skateboarding in the sunset, and the greyness of the sky afterward reminded me of the emptiness I feel most of the nights. Missing numerous sunsets is the cause of my misery because I need the orange glow to keep my soul alive in the monotone darkness. I REALLY NEED IT. I NEED TO … Continue reading Getting to a Better Place

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