Ocean of Tears

In the body’s last attempt to breathe

it gasps a quick few times

out of instinct

a revolting breath

lung submerged underwater,

breathed the sweet life at the bottom of a seabed of blood

fed the oxygen to a boiling pot of anger

and laughed out of bubbles

levitating and fleeing me

escaping from the realm of tears to the sky

I tried to follow them

but my legs are tangled with hairs of seaweed

and my flesh mended with the bones of whales

my soul is too heavy to go to the sunlight

so I’ll drink the ocean dry

Amusement Park

Bad memories are easier to remember

our happiness kept in a cage of forgetfulness

the deadly deficit

the treasure is in the darkness

follow the sound of children laughing

And adults chattering

in a simple field with grass uncut

let free the butterflies in my stomach

before it explodes.

But the night faded

the entrance sealed from ground to heaven

the sound of human liveliness

of people unseen

in front of the iron gate

with butterflies in my stomach

Hand reached out and climbed the bars

Chipped away muscles and peculiar bones

to fit through the diamond holes

to let free of the butterflies

in the exclusive amusement park

I can’t see the ground now

all I see is the white clouds

If I fall, would it be soft?