Ocean of Tears

In the body’s last attempt to breathe it gasps a quick few times out of instinct a revolting breath lung submerged underwater, breathed the sweet life at the bottom of a seabed of blood fed the oxygen to a boiling pot of anger and laughed out of bubbles levitating and fleeing me escaping from the … Continue reading Ocean of Tears

Amusement Park

Bad memories are easier to remember our happiness kept in a cage of forgetfulness the deadly deficit the treasure is in the darkness follow the sound of children laughing And adults chattering in a simple field with grass uncut let free the butterflies in my stomach before it explodes. But the night faded the entrance … Continue reading Amusement Park

Choose Yourself (a poem)

I’m choosing myself, to step away from the responsibilities and be selfish. I’ve done this too many times too scared to look at freedom and dove back into the dark cage. I’m tired, but more duties to fulfill sure will force me to do things I can only succeed and not fail. I can’t believe … Continue reading Choose Yourself (a poem)

Getting to a Better Place

I went skateboarding in the sunset, and the greyness of the sky afterward reminded me of the emptiness I feel most of the nights. Missing numerous sunsets is the cause of my misery because I need the orange glow to keep my soul alive in the monotone darkness. I REALLY NEED IT. I NEED TO … Continue reading Getting to a Better Place

A Letter to the Future

I admitted my limitations and the strength of my opponent, but knew that I had the energy to push myself to achieve the next serve. All I could see and feel was the game at the moment. The world felt so colorful, and I could even see all angles of the gold flakes in the … Continue reading A Letter to the Future

The Smell of Victory (a poem)

Today I won against the lukewarm wetness evaporated by an invisible sun. My face, comfortably dry and capable of standing on its own out in the open and not hiding under the blankets; the arid smell of too good to be true.

The Nice Things (a poem)

none of this belongs to me i walked amongst the nice things; the pure blue sky and the creamy sunshine, the eloquent shadows stretching on the road relaxing with the glowing green leaves. but I saw my smile in the emerald sparkles deep in the bush and the red shyness of the new born leaves. … Continue reading The Nice Things (a poem)


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